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3,00 EUR*
Details Dritz-verstellbar-Fingerhut

DRITZ-One size fits all! Great for all hand crafted work. Opening accommodates fingernail.

7,41 EUR*
Details Dritz-Eyelet-Kit-Nickel

DRITZ-A large eyelet kit of 12 1/4 eyelets an a tool.

3,13 EUR*
Details Dritz-Care-Repair-Safety-Pins-50Pkg-Assorted

Dritz Care & Repair Safety Pins 50/Pkg-Assorted

3,44 EUR*
Details Dritz-Quilting-Stoff-Radierer

DRITZ-Non-Smudge Eraser. This great no-smudge eraser removes pencil marks from quilts and fabrics. Ideal for quilting and sewing. Imported.

2,95 EUR*
Details Dritz-Schneidermarkierstift-wei

DRITZ- Dressmaker's Marking Pencil with Brush Eraser, for marking construction details. Brush removes marks with ease. White Pencil comes packaged in eaches. Made in China.

16,31 EUR*
Details Dritz-dritzlaundry-Spray-Flasche-andere-Mehrfarbig

Dritz-Laundry Spray Bottle. Ideal for holding cleaning sprays, water and more. Contains one 15.9oz spray bottle. Imported.

8,13 EUR*
Details Dritz-Schneiderkreidestift

DRITZ-Tailor's Chalk Pencil. This package contains one chalk pencil with three pieces of interchangeable chalk (white, yellow, and blue). Instructions for changing the chalk pieces are included. Imported.

3,45 EUR*
Details Dritz-839-Maband-modische-Farbe-58-x-60-Inch-blau

Dritz-Super-Glo Tape Measure 5/8X60. Waterproof. Size: 5/8X60.

33,89 EUR*
Details Dritz-Longarm-Quilter-s-Anteil-Mastab

DRITZ-Dritz Longarm: Quilter's Scale. This handy tool gives you percentages for reducing or enlarging patterns so you don't have to do the calculating. It includes percentages for converting measurements up to 24 inches and also has a formula showing ...

3,61 EUR*
Details Dritz-Tailor-s-Kreide-und-Halter

DRITZ-Tailor's Chalk & Holder. This plastic holder features a removable cap with a chalk sharpener. Holder measures 1-3/4x1-7/8x1/4in. Imported.

3,53 EUR*
Details Dritz-Heavy-Duty-Snap-Tools

DRITZ-Heavy Duty Snap Tool. Use this tool for applying #981 heavy duty snaps into fabric. This package contains a metal snap tool. Imported.

7,35 EUR*
Details Dritz-Garderobenhaken-se-95-mm-4-Stck-Schwarz

DRITZ-4 coat hooks and eyes. Size 3/8. Extra large hook and eye closures hold finished edges together.

3,57 EUR*
Details Dritz-Schlsselanhnger-Hardware-Set-Nickel

Dritz-Schlüsselanhänger Hardware Set: Nickel. Entwerfen Sie und stellen Sie Ihre eigenen Schlüsselanhänger mit Belting; Stoff; Elastisch; Farbband oder eine Kombination von Materialien!Dieses Paket enthält einen Schlüsselanhänger-Hardware-Satz für ein ...

2,98 EUR*
Details Dritz-bergreifende-Nadel-3zhlen

DRITZ-Needle Pullers: 3 cnt. Ideal for quilting, crafts and sewing leather, denim, and other heavyweight fabrics. Use needle puller to pull needle through layers of fabric. Imported.

4,47 EUR*
Details Dritz-Satin-Nadeln-27-cm

DRITZ-Silk Pins. This package contains 400 1-1/16in size 17 pins featuring a nickel plating, flat heads and a high quality, stackable, transparent plastic storage box (2-3/8x2-5/8x1in). Imported.

2,82 EUR*
Details Dritz-Nickel-Sew-On-Snaps-Size-10-10Pkg

DRITZ-Sew-On Snaps. This package contains ten sets of size 1/0 nickel plated brass snaps. Imported.

3,11 EUR*
Details Dritz-Safety-Pins-Sizes-00-to-3-50Pkg

DRITZ-50 safety pins made of nickel-plated steel. Assorted sizes. Contains sizes 00, 1, 2, and 3 pins. Pins are rust resistant.

3,42 EUR*
Details Dritz-Button-Pins-Size-00-10Pkg

DRITZ-Button Pins. These pins will make buttons removable and interchangeable. For use with shank buttons only. This package contains ten 3/4 inch metal pins. Imported.

3,86 EUR*
Details Dritz-Knit-Picker-Acryl-mehrfarbig-1-teilig

Dritz-Knit Picker. Fixes snags on knits and wovens! This 5-3/4x2- 1/4 inch package contains one knit picker with one protective cap. Imp orted.

3,32 EUR*
Details Dritz-Beading-Cord-Elastic-4Yd-White

Dritz-Beading Cord Elastic. Perfect For Jewelry Making And More! This Package Contains 4 Yards Of 1/16 Inch Polyester And Rubber Elastic. Care: Machine Wash And Dry. Imported.

4,51 EUR*
Details Dritz-Reiverschluss-Folien-Stops-Messing-6Sets

Use With Dritz Brass Upholstery Zipper By-The-Yard 44231 To Make Custom Length Upholstery Zippers. This Package Contains Six 0.625 Inch Zipper Slides And Stops. Imported.

2,72 EUR*
Details Dritz-Quilters-Basting-Hand-Nadeln-Gre-7-6-Stck

DRITZ-Quilter's Basting Hand Needles. Long, fine needles that easily penetrate through quilt layers without shifting. Package contains 6- size 7 needles. Imported. '

3,82 EUR*
Details Dritz-Karte-Pins-100Pack-15mm

Dritz-Map Pins: 15mm. The perfect pins for sticking in maps! Show others where you have been. This package contains 100 map pins in a plastic storage box. Imported.

2,93 EUR*
Details Dritz-Straps-Folien-Nickel-andere-Mehrfarbig

Dritz-Suspender Slides: Nickel. These slides adjust the length of suspender elastic and keeps them in place. Provides a professional finish. This package contains two 1 inch metal suspender slides. Imported.

3,57 EUR*
Details Dritz-gebogen-Nadeln

DRITZ-Quilting Curved Needles. These curved needles are ideal for tying or tufting quilt layers together. Needles can also be used for upholstery and other craft projects using fine yarn, embroidery floss or buttonhole twist. This package contains two ...